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Our Mission Statement for Gold Coast SEO

Invest in long-term SEO solutions that generate lasting search engine visibility and organic traffic with Safari Digital.

We get it. Finding an SEO company on the Gold Coast that you can trust seems almost impossible. A quick Google search reveals hundreds of local companies all vying for your business. So, how do find a Digital Marketing Agency that actually knows what they are doing?

Safari Digital isn’t a digital marketing company – we are an SEO Agency. We deal exclusively in search engine optimisation. We’re not experts in web design, Facebook marketing, or branding – nor do we pretend to be. For more than five years, we have been focussing exclusively on delivering the best SEO Gold Coast has to offer. We spend 100% of our time and resources focussing on developing cutting-edge SEO strategies that will leave your competition scratching their heads.

SEO is always changing. Over the last decade, the search engine ranking algorithm has evolved dramatically. Black hat, quick win tactics that were popular amongst other SEO firms are now all but redundant. Despite this, we continue to see so many of these Gold Coast SEO agencies offering outdated digital marketing services to clients. We are constantly evolving our approach to ensure that we stay up to date with the latest changes and we are delivering the most comprehensive service to our clients.

Every decision that we make is geared towards delivering maximum ROI (return on investment) for our clients. Our customised SEO campaigns account for the unique circumstances of your business and website to ensure we are targeting lucrative search terms that are going to drive business growth. Each decision that we make, and every optimisation that we implement is about delivering the KPIs that matter most to your business.

Why Choose Safari Digital?

Safari Digital is a Gold Coast SEO Agency that prioritises data over opinions. Each decision that we make is backed by years of experience in the SEO industry and in-field search engine optimisation testing that means we understand what really moves the needle.

We know that you aren’t interested in theoretical improvements or long zoom calls with an account manager that can barely remember the name of your business. You want a team in your corner that takes the time to understand your industry, your key performance objectives, and a competitive spirit that delivers results. We have a small, focussed team of SEO professionals that is invested in the success of your business.

Delivering ethical SEO services on the Gold Coast means that we only work with companies that are the right fit for our digital marketing agency services. If we do not believe that we can help you to succeed, or we don’t think that your business is the right fit for SEO services – we will be the first to let you know.

Liam Ridings - Safari Digital

SEO Competition Is on the Rise

Search engine optimisation (SEO) marketing services are in high demand. The most recent data reveals that the number of Google search for SEO services has increased by more than 16% over the last 12-months as Queensland companies look for more cost-effective methods to reach their target audience. According to the latest SEO data from Semrush, 880 individuals and companies search for SEO Gold Coast in Google each month. On top of those searches, a further 390 search for SEO services Gold Coast and another 260 search for local SEO companies.

By using third party data and unique market insights, Safari Digital was able to identify that appearing at the top of Google for these search terms was an important way to win leads from companies searching for SEO services. So then, why does that matter for you? This matters for you and our clients because we use the same data, SEO tools, and unique insights to understand how your target audience uses Google to find your goods or services. Using this information, we can reverse engineer a strategy that puts your business in front of the right audience, at the right time.

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Our Blueprint for SEO Success

Search engine optimisation is entirely dynamic, as a specialised team of SEO specialists; it is our job to know where the Google algorithm is going and make changes to your site that will improve your organic search visibility.

A recent study revealed that on-page keyword usage remains the most significant on-site ranking factor. It’s essential to carry out thorough keyword research and implement the findings across your website. Keyword intent, difficulty, search trends, and competitor keyword analysis will determine which keywords we target for your SEO campaign.

On-Site SEO Strategy

On-site or on-page SEO means improving the on-page components of your website to improve organic search visibility. In the most uncomplicated terms, on-site optimisation is a process that involves tweaking all of the on-page factors that impact the way that search engines crawl and interpret information on the page. We create content that Google robots can quickly crawl and read. In addition to creating content that search bots can quickly crawl, we also provide content that retains users.

On-site optimisation is the first step in every campaign for SEO. Before we consider ways that we can improve your website with off the page optimisation, we start by building a structure for your website by providing all of the essential on-page components. We wary of a digital marketing agency that insists on backlinks before content – this is an outdated approach.

Off-Site SEO Strategy

Off-page or off-site optimisation refers to everything that happens off your site that affects your search engine visibility. Google uses hundreds of complex ranking factors when deciding where websites will appear in the SERPs. Optimising your site for improved search visibility means creating an online presence for your website that will strengthen its influence, relevance, and reliability.

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